CampStaff has a new website!

Exciting things are happening over at CampStaff!

Exciting things are happening over at CampStaff. We have a new logo, a new staff member has joined the ranks and soon we will have a brand spanking new website. With our new website we endeavor to create a quick, simple and efficient database of prospective camp staff for the industry’s best camps to search through.

For Seekers:

CampStaff creates a free opportunity to contact some of the best camps located all over the country. Camps from Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, California and states across the country use CampStaff to fill their seasonal positions of camp counselors, program specialists and leadership positions and they’re looking for people just like YOU!

For Camps:

For a small annual fee, you unlock our searchable database of prospective staff members who want to work at your camp! Applicants can directly send you their information through the site if they come across your camp before you find them or you can use our newly designed search functionality to find specific staff with specific skills and expertise (you can also save a search for later!)

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