Real Questions, Asked by a Real Staff Member

In preparing to go to summer camp for the first time this coming summer, my neighbor is full of excitement, as well as some nerves. She is 19 and will be traveling this summer to the northeast to work at camp.

The following are real questions I’ve gotten just this week; from her, from her mom, her dad, and my own children.

Questions the camp staffer has asked:

  • Do I need a passport? (great question – she saw on the website that staff go into Canada on day’s off)
  • Will camp pick me up from the airport? (while camp will pick her up, she had already researched Uber and ways to get from the airport to camp)
  • Should I fly in a day early? (she didn’t want to be late for camp!)
  • Can I go to mass on the weekends? (of course)


Questions from her mom:

  • Should she fly to camp by herself? (yes!)
  • What if she meets a boy and he lives far away?!? (it happens…)


Questions from her dad:

  • Will she be able to get your job back at home when she returns from camp? (the answer, thankfully, is yes)
  • What day does she leave and what day does she come back? (June 16th – August 11th)

Questions my kids have asked about our neighbor’s upcoming job:

  • Can she be my counselor, or is that not allowed because we are neighbors? (we’d have to talk with the camp if this becomes a possibility)
  • Can she be my counselor anyway? (that’s how much they love her)
  • Where does she sleep during orientation? (in a cabin!)

The thing I love about these questions are that they clearly display the range in direction from which we all approach camp. In particular, I love the difference between her mom and dad’s questions. And I have to say, I think camps do a phenomenal job in addressing everyone’s concerns. So, staff members, ask away…this summer will be a most incredible adventure!

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