Summer Camp Staff, What to Pack?

For all of you staffers getting ready to head off to camp, you are probably starting to think about what you will pack for the summer. No doubt your camp has sent you a packing list. Use it!

And… I thought I’d share some general camp items with you that are among my favorite.

  • water bottle – if you can, get the kind with a “flip” top, instead of the screw on/off top, I guarantee that you will stay more hydrated. And, believe me, staying hydrated at camp is key! (well, staying hydrated in life in general is pretty key)

    doesn’t have to be a camelback brand, but I really like the ease of taking a quick sip without unscrewing anything!
  • real sneakers – I know you can wear flip flops to some places at camp, or slip ons, or some form of coverage on the toe. Your feet will be so much happier if you have real sneakers with real support with real shoe laces. Being on your feet for countless hours a day can hurt if you are not ready for it! Be ready.

    real sneakers with real support with real shoe laces!
  • a winter hat if you will be in the northern part of our continent! I know, a hat in the summer time sounds a bit crazy right now. But if you are in the mountains on a chilly night in June it is awesome to sleep with a winter hat on – it keeps you cozy and warm!

    A Winter hat for summer camp? yes, if you will be in the north or in the mountains. Or, both! So cozy to sleep with a warm head.
  • a journal to write in, even if you have never done this sort of thing before. Camp often inspires us to try new things and to reflect on the many new experiences we have. Pack one and surprise yourself when you use it.

    pack a journal – you may just be inspired to use it!
  • shower caddy – they make them soft and foldable or hard and rectangular. Either way, you will be sharing space with others and having a home for your toiletries makes life that much nicer.

    easy to pack shower caddy and a nice home for your summer toiletries
  • head lamp – yes, like the kind you would wear if you were spelunking (don’t know what spelunking is – look it up – it will be your new word of the day). Head lamps are generally accepted as cool in the world of camps. Additionally, they are ridiculously useful.

    yes, these head lamps come in handy all the time at camp! (please note sign above my head)
  • 4th of July Clothing (or Canada Day Clothing if working in Canada!) – pick up some red, white, and blue ahead of time. You’ll be so glad to not have to scrounge around last minute to find something festive to wear. While you are at it, throw in some fun bandanas, hats, or other gear – dressing up at camp always adds a nice twist to the day and it’s fun to have a few clothing items to pull from!FullSizeRender 4

If I sound like a mom in some of these item suggestions, I apologize. But I am a mom. And I am a mom with a lot of camp experience. Trust me on these tips!

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