Summer Camp Staff; What To Pack (part 2)

We had such a great response from our post last week on items for staff to pack, we thought we’d share a few more items with you. So, if you are packing up to head off to camp this summer, here’s a few more tips on items to bring along.

These tips come from almost 20 years of summers at camp, with the addition of packing my own children for camp every summer. If I had a title, it would be “packing guru”.

Rain Jacket

Yes, this item is probably on the packing list from your camp. Yes, you really need a rain jacket. Preferably one with a hood. It’s sort of the pits at camp when you get wet and can’t get to your cabin for hours to change into dry clothes.  Invest in a good rain jacket if you don’t already have one. (secret; my favorite rain jacket is actually 20 years old…talk about a great buy!)


Rain Boots

Okay, this is not a necessity. Maybe a nice plus if you have the space when you are traveling to camp. High, mid-calf rain boots are like small miracles on a rainy day at camp. You are un-stoppable in those puddles and happy as a clam.


Hiking Boots

If you need to purchase hiking boots for your camp (check the packing list!), I highly suggest the boots that reach higher than your ankle. Higher boots support your ankle better and they also stay on your foot better (think mud). If your foot has stopped growing and you have some extra cash, think about investing in a good pair of boots as you will have these for years to come.



Backpack (or day pack, or book sac, or whatever your choice of lexicon is)

When you need to throw your clothes together for a day off or need to carry some fun supplies around camp, a backpack is an excellent piece of gear to bring with you.



Booklight and Headphones

Since you’ll probably be sharing space with a co-counselor or peers for lodging, plan on being considerate. Pack a booklight if you like to read in bed, and pack headphones if you listen to  music when you sleep.



Bathing Suit

I am 99.9% sure that you are packing a suit for camp this summer. Be sure it is a suit that stays on well when you are active in the water. You won’t be sunbathing in this suit; you’ll be on the water trampoline or waterskiing. Make sure your suit is up to the task of activity all summer long!




If you will be working at camp along the Canadian or Mexican border this summer, bring your passport along in case their is the opportunity to travel into another country. Check with your own camp to find out if traveling across the border is common at camp and be prepared in case you have the opportunity to explore!



Have an awesome time at camp this summer and be your best!

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