Camps Are Staffing Now

Year round staffing efforts are nothing new. The majority of camps using CampStaff have a full-time staffing coordinator. Even during the summer camp season, once again experienced brisk usage traffic as staffing coordinators or directors hired additional or replacement staff as needed. And in recent years, plenty of camps have made sure staff invited back got next summer leave camp with contract offers in hand. This summer, we’ve seen an increase in this urgency.

Trends we are seeing…

CampStaff member camps have updated job postings for 2019 and are already actively pursuing staff. October 1st has historically been the unofficial start date for more aggressive recruiting camps to ramp up efforts on the site. This year we had camps begin in August.
More camps are converting to year-round memberships from monthly memberships. Camps who have traditionally used CampStaff on a per month basis to fill specific late openings in the spring have begun year round staffing efforts. (August 2018 had 15% more camps listed than last August 2017)
Camps are offering early signing bonuses. In hopes that earlier commitment means staff will be more likely to follow-though next summer, camps are offering early signing bonuses. Bonuses range from $100 for general staff to several hundred for key positions. Secondary value is getting a earlier idea of positions that will need filling for 2019.
Camps are offering increased referral bonuses. Putting your returning staff to work recruiting is a no-brainer for most camps. One camp we spoke to went up 100% on staff referral bonus – $200.

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