Camps Are Using SOCIAL MEDIA More & Better

In late July, we began seeing camp social media feeds advertising for 2019 staff positions. Camps are setting up staff specific Instagram accounts, in addition to the official camp Instagram account.  We at CampStaff find both of these very relevant because 1. it shows that camps are becoming more aggressive (and much earlier in the year) in recruiting using their staff and staff alumni networks and 2. Instagram is the current social media o f choice for reaching college aged staff.

Instagram should be your current choice for staff contact – with your current staff and potential staff.  Here’s a few tips to get rolling.
1. Set up a staff specific account – clearly name it so parents and staff can tell the difference from your “regular” page
2. Make it public – you want potential staff to be able to see it
3. Ask all of your current and past staff to follow it – the more followers, the more chances you have to show up in friends of friends search feeds

6 camps who’ve upped their staff Instagram game!

echolakestaff – “Staff Spotlight” feature puts faces to the names and shows the geographic and job skill diversity of staff.

poconospringstaff – we like the use of last summer’s staff pictures to highlight returning staff.

waltwhitmanstaff – we like the pictures featuring the things staff can do on days off. Travel should be a big part of your recruiting pitch.

weequahic_staff – GREAT referral ads and fun count down to orientation pics are sure to get staff fired up for the start of camp!

pinecovestaff – over 4,280 followers…#GOALS

On more thing: Despite what you may read, do not write off Facebook.  Even after the well publicized stock plunge, Facebook’s value is still over $600 billion plus it OWNS Instagram (worth $100 billion).  FB is also run by some very smart people with, according to the US Congress still hold considerable media power. We are confident Facebook will remain relevant in the near future- particularly in reaching more “mature” staff.  A simple fix is to also create a staff page on Facebook that links to your staff Instagram account. Any posts on Instagram can be “automatically” posted to Facebook covering all your bases.

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