Reach Out to Potential Staff With a Warm and Personalized Message

photo credit Ocean Pines Camp

Happy hump day presented by the tip of the day from CampStaff and CampStaffNurses!

Hopefully by now you’ve noticed that we are sending you a message every day this week to help you master your CampStaff account in order to hire the best possible summer camp staff.

Screenshot 2019-02-26 11.16.21

Before you reach out to a potential staff member on CampStaff, feel free to do a little research on any information that a potential staff member opted to share with you. For example, you may want to check out a job seeker’s social media pages if they list them. Or, if you have any connections to make with them about where they go to school, where they live, hobbies they have, etc., mention this in your first contact with them.

The best way for the potential staff member to get a sense of who you are and the type of camp you hire for is through the customized email feature we have on our sites.  So, when you find a staff person you like on CampStaff and click on “contact this job seeker” an email is sent to the person from you. You can customize this email so it has your tone, your words, and your message. Here’s a brief tutorial showing you exactly how to personalize this message so every time you click on the “contact this job seeker” button you know the staff member is receiving a message directly from you. Feel free to add links and phone numbers in that email message to give the potential staff person as many options as possible to contact your camp!

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