Remember To Utilize Direct Emails on Campstaff and CampStaffNurses

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week of tips from CampStaff. For a full refresher on all 5 tips, start here with our first tip. 

Screenshot 2019-02-26 11.35.22.png

On both CampStaff and CampStaffNurses, you may log into your account as many times as you want, you may change your descriptions as often as you like, you may change your logo and photos as often as you like. This is all included in the cost of your membership.

The only service that we currently offer that is an additional fee and is optional is a direct email.
When time is short and you really need to fill a position, we’ve got the solution.  For only $50, you can send a targeted email to every job seeker meeting your criteria.  For instance, you are in need of several male cabin counselors, over 18 years old and who do not require a J-1 visa.  With a few clicks you can announce your jobs to every CampStaff applicant fitting that criteria.  It’s that easy and it’s there if you need it. Here’s a brief tutorial on sending a direct email.

Keep this tool in your back pocket in case you need it!

Screenshot 2019-02-26 10.16.26

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