June is the BEST time to land a camp job

Photo Credit Lourdes Camp, NY

Camps are cranking up for the summer season. Southern camps are in session with the rest of the country soon to follow. A few things happen to camp staffing directors this time of year…and you can use these to your advantage in finding a job!

As camp directors, the three main hurdles that cost us staff and forced us into high speed hiring mode every spring were…

GRADES. Face it, sometimes summer school sessions are necessary.  Spring grades are released and maybe one or two aren’t what you’d expected. Students paying their own way, and those whose parents have set limits find out that a summer class is needed and have to drop out out the job commitment and drop back in to class!

ANOTHER JOB. Ok, we think…no, we KNOW summer camp is the greatest job you can have with the most lifelong benefits. However, as far as pay goes, the room & board and benefits sometimes are greater than the actual cash compensation. This isn’t helpful when unexpected  things happen to student and a cash heavy, live at home job is necessary. We get it.

VISA FALLS THROUGH. Many camps hire a large number of international staff through the J-1 visa program. Sometimes visas fall through at the last minute (delays at embassies or mixed up paperwork) and staff can’t travel to the US. And many times the sponsoring agency doesn’t have a ready, prequalified replacement do to government policies.

So what does that mean to anyone still looking for summer camp job?

The short answer means that if you take a few minutes to update your CampStaff profile to show camp directors that you are still available and very interested…you will get JOB OFFERS TODAY!

Camp directors are updating their job needs daily. You should be checking!

BONUS TIP: If there was a camp you were really interested in during the year but they didn’t have an opening for you, REACH OUT to the camp director…things may have changed. Resend your campstaff profile and show you REALLY want to work there!

DOUBLE BONUS TIP: Let camps know your availability dates, some split season jobs may be open. Maybe a half summer in the White Mountains, followed by a half summer on the California coast is what you want?!?

It’s not too late to find a great summer camp job. Pass this along to any friends who may be interested.

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