3 Tips for Summer 2020 Camp Job Search

Camps are still hiring for summer 2020 but obviously things are different this year. Here are a few tips to help you find a great job, doing great things this summer.

Be prepared to drive

With COVID rules varying from state to state, and changing day by day. Many camps are reluctant or in the case of New Hampshire camps, not allowed to book flights for staff. This makes arriving by private vehicle a big plus when camps are hiring. Make sure you let camps know you have a car or someone to drive you when you first apply.

This may mean searching for camps a little closer to home but if you are still up for a long road trip, be sure to check AAA COVID-19 Travel Restrictions for up to date information on roads.

Find a day camp

If your sleep away camp is closed, day camps would love to have your experience this summer. In many states, day camps have been declared essential childcare. Bringing your sleep away resume back to a local camp can be great for the camps and for you.

Day camp experiences are very different for staff than sleep away. Aside from the obvious nights at home and weekends off, you may find yourself working with your former teachers and high school friends. This can be an amazing opportunity to reconnect and give back to your community. Give it a try!

Staff with multiple skills are HOT

With many camps forced to modify programming this summer – either because of shorter sessions, new types of programming (like family camps) or smaller camper populations required for distancing – single function specialist may be a rarity. Instead, camps are hiring staff with multiple talents and skill sets. This could be a fantastic opportunity to take a skill set you’d like to develop and gain real experience – maybe even enough skills to move into a new specialty area when staffs fill back out next year.

When applying to camps this summer list everything you can do at camp. Be honest with your abilities – for example, I play recreational tennis well enough to help beginners and I have a successful part-time cookie decorating business — then be prepared to go from cooking class to the courts!

Keep an eye on our social feeds for camps still hiring and be sure to check out CampStaffExpress for ASAP openings!

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