Ok, so you’ve been back on campus (or the job or your world tour, whatever) for a few weeks now. Its time to start thinking about camp. To get you going, start with the tips below…

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Ok, so you’ve been back on campus (or the job or your world tour, whatever) for a few weeks now. Its time to start thinking about camp. To get you going, start with the tips below…


If you know you will be available next summer, update your dates (and the rest of your info) so that you can be available in searches by staffing directors. If you didn’t know already, CampStaff makes a log entry every time you update or modify your profile. Some camps use this search field to find “hot” leads – aka, staff actively looking for jobs. You never know when that perfect camp job might open up!

Put yourself on some radars

Take 5 minutes after updating your info to email your profile to a few DREAM camps. Maybe the ones that were already filled when you applied late last year or maybe one in a new part of the country you want to explore, either way let directors know you are available.Getting yourself on the desk of the staffing directors so they know you are serious can lead to multiple offers. 

Line up 1 job reference

Camps will need 3 job or character references for you as part of the camp’s accreditation requirements (and probably for state regs also) before you are ultimately hired. Reference come from teachers, bosses, family friends, etc. Have at least one lined up this fall or better yet all three. You just need to collect contact info and let the person know they may be contacted by a camp. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIST REFERENCES ON CAMPSTAFF. Instead, just add a simple: “References available upon request” at the bottom of your short bio. Trust us, camps will be impressed!

BONUS: If you worked at a camp last year or the summer before even, reach out to the directors for a reference. Two good things can happen from this: 1. They realize they may lose you and offer you your dream job. 2. You get a glowing reference and a dream job at the next camp! It’s up to you.

5 Tips for Negotiating a Last Minute Summer Camp Job

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It’s the eleventh hour of the summer camp hiring cycle…job seekers are needed, sometimes desperately.  Once you’ve connected with your amazing camp job through, what’s next? Here are our tips for negotiating the best compensation package possible.

Don’t focus on Salary.  Here’s a little bit of a harsh truth.  Salaries are basically standard at most camps.  Since you will be living and working with your coworkers everyday, smart camp directors avoid salary disparity. Camp is not like a “regular” job. You eat, sleep and work 24/7 with your camp colleagues. Staff will discuss salaries and morale can suffer. Having huge pay disparity like most industries we read about every day, simply will not work in a camp setting… nor should it!  Come to think of it, summer camp may be the one US industry where men and women ALWAYS start on equal pay footing.

So if you can’t ask for a simple salary increase, what are some options?

Travel allowance. Camps have lots of leeway in offering travel compensation. If you are flying by air, this is a no brainer. Last minute flights cost more. However, if you are driving to camp, gas is the same as if you’ve been planning since March. Ask for an increase over the standard gas allowance. Remind the director that having a car at camp is a benefit to camp staff morale and you’ll be happy to include fellow staff on your day off and night out trips. More $ in your pocket and happy staff – Win/Win.

Flexible dates. If you have a wedding or job interview or anything else pre-planned for the summer, be sure to include those in the negotiations. If you play your cards right, you can get these days off with pay in addition to your standard time off. Just ask up front. Camp can work around being short staffed for a few days. Camps already operate when staff are ill – letting the camp in advance when you’ll be taking “sick days” allows for smooth planning. Win/Win

New equipment. If you are a camp specialist – ie, someone teaching an activity – you can work in camp purchased “tools of the trade”. Would a new golf bag help when you interact on the golf course? How about a new tennis racket? Anything that legitimately helps you improve your job performance and the experience of the campers can be asked for. Win/Win

Skills or training. Many camps send staff to update certifications or new skills courses before camp opens. If a lifeguard certification could be beneficial to you (even if you are hired to teach softball!) ask to be included. The more staff with cross training, the better for the camp. For you it’s a few hundred dollars of training you don’t have to come out of pocket for. If your new skills are in-line with your actual camp job, again this is a no brainer for the camp. Win/Win

Charitable contributions. We once had a coach from a low income school district ask, in lieu of a raise one year, to be able to take any sports balls we were “retiring” for his students. We were directing a high end sports camps and basically bought all new balls each summer. Not only did we give him the pick of the balls – but we also gave him the raise. That’s the kind of staff we wanted to keep! Another staff member we hired as a senior team member came from a non-profit camp background. She arranged for our unclaimed lost and found clothing to be sent to her old camp at the end of the summer. Camps are happy to get involved in charitable work. It may not mean more money in your pocket, but that’s not always what’s most important, now is it? JUST A PLAIN OLD WIN ALL AROUND!!!

Bottom line is you have to ASK if you want things to happen. You won’t know until you try. If you are hesitant to negotiate, just remember that the camp has the most to gain by hiring you. Summer camps can’t run without out camp staff!

June is the BEST time to land a camp job

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Camps are cranking up for the summer season. Southern camps are in session with the rest of the country soon to follow. A few things happen to camp staffing directors this time of year…and you can use these to your advantage in finding a job!

As camp directors, the three main hurdles that cost us staff and forced us into high speed hiring mode every spring were…

GRADES. Face it, sometimes summer school sessions are necessary.  Spring grades are released and maybe one or two aren’t what you’d expected. Students paying their own way, and those whose parents have set limits find out that a summer class is needed and have to drop out out the job commitment and drop back in to class!

ANOTHER JOB. Ok, we think…no, we KNOW summer camp is the greatest job you can have with the most lifelong benefits. However, as far as pay goes, the room & board and benefits sometimes are greater than the actual cash compensation. This isn’t helpful when unexpected  things happen to student and a cash heavy, live at home job is necessary. We get it.

VISA FALLS THROUGH. Many camps hire a large number of international staff through the J-1 visa program. Sometimes visas fall through at the last minute (delays at embassies or mixed up paperwork) and staff can’t travel to the US. And many times the sponsoring agency doesn’t have a ready, prequalified replacement do to government policies.

So what does that mean to anyone still looking for summer camp job?

The short answer means that if you take a few minutes to update your CampStaff profile to show camp directors that you are still available and very interested…you will get JOB OFFERS TODAY!

Camp directors are updating their job needs daily. You should be checking!

BONUS TIP: If there was a camp you were really interested in during the year but they didn’t have an opening for you, REACH OUT to the camp director…things may have changed. Resend your campstaff profile and show you REALLY want to work there!

DOUBLE BONUS TIP: Let camps know your availability dates, some split season jobs may be open. Maybe a half summer in the White Mountains, followed by a half summer on the California coast is what you want?!?

It’s not too late to find a great summer camp job. Pass this along to any friends who may be interested.

Have Your Best Summer NOW!

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Look, there are many great resources on how summer camp builds 21st century job skills  and how summer camp jobs are great on resumes and if that’s what you are looking for then you are already way ahead of the game and have probably found the ideal summer camp job.  For the rest of you – the ones living in the NOW – this blog post is for you!

Spend a summer doing the things you love NOW, and get paid to to do them

  • Do your favorite sport, activity, hobby, etc.
  • Travel and explore new areas
  • Have new experiences with new people

The best part is that this won’t end at the close of summer!

1. Your favorite sports, activities, hobbies

Is your passion lacrosse?  Is it woodworking? Canoeing? Art? Climbing? These are the things you are into now. Some of them (like lax) will probably come to an end soon or at least, get seriously downgraded when you hit the “real world” job market. So, why not do them NOW? 

In the very near future (like as soon as you leave college), it will either be hard to get together enough people and gear to play large team sports or start getting pricey to pursue your favorite hobbies. Camps not only provide everything you need to do the activities you love now, but they will also PAY you top do them!

2. Travel

One of the most underrated reasons to spend a summer working at camp is travel. Sure, you understand the obvious – camps are scattered across the whole country so you can pick which area you’d like to see and which attractions you want to be near enough to visit on days off and camp sponsored trips.

But, did you ever consider who else has traveled to work with you at camp? A typical camp staff of 100-200 staff will usually represent a few dozen US states, a hand full of Canadian provinces and at least half a dozen countries.  Think about it…all of these staff did something you did, traveled to a new area for a summer job. NOW, think about all the different places they are from and all the new people to visit there. Your one summer travel destination has grown into an exponential number of lifetime places to travel!

3. New experiences

Have you been itching to try sailing? How about really wanting to learn to throw a pot on a potter’s wheel? If there is something you’ve been wanting to experience and your summer camp offers it then try it NOW! Staff recreation (aka morale boosters) is a big part of most camp’s philosophies and giving staff a chance to try new experiences is a big part of that.

So how many different experiences do summer camps offer? This is a little bit of a trick question. Sure camps will list a plethora of activities on their website but this is really just a starting point for the great summer camps. Those camps will also incorporate the skills and interests of incoming staff into each summer’s program – expanding the program experiences even more! 

See CampStaff, CampStaffNurses and CampStaffExpress for the latest summer camp job openings.

5 Shoes You’ll Want at Summer Camp

At camp, we are on our feet literally all day; often on rugged and uneven terrains, and in a variety of weather conditions. Help your staff prepare for your terrain by recommending the right foot wear for them. When counselors arrive at camp unprepared, it starts the job off on the wrong foot (pun intended!).

At a risk of sounding like a mom (which, I am a mom, by the way), proper foot care is essential at camp. Ending up in the health center with blisters, cuts, and ingrown toenails is a time drain. Help your staff out by letting them know what shoes to pack! Here’s our list. 


Screenshot 2019-05-06 10.20.17
Pack sneakers that will keep your feet happy all summer!

Sturdy sneakers. We are talking about running or walking sneakers with tie laces and solid soles. Not Keds, not Toms, but good old sneakers. You may call them tennis shoes if you live in the southern US. Take care of your feet and wear with these dry socks. It’s like a little piece of heaven for your feet.


Screenshot 2019-05-06 10.58.44
Crocs. $23 on

Water Shoes/Flip Flops. Your camp will probably offer a place to swim and you’ll need appropriate foot gear to go with your bathing suit.  Flip flops are a great choice, as are Crocs, or water shoes. Something easy to slip on and off that will protect your foot while walking though camp. 


Screenshot 2019-05-06 10.51.52
Walmart – $20

Rain Boots. yes, really. Just like you wore when you were 5. Staff may see this item on the list and decide against it. However, when it rains at camp, you still need to go outside and often it is muddy. Having a pair of easy to slip on rain boots will make you an unstoppable counselor this summer at camp. 



Screenshot 2019-05-06 10.43.08
need cleats for your job?

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 10.43.58 AM
or hiking boots ?


Screenshot 2019-05-06 10.56.48
or maybe something for the art studio?

Shoes for your specialty, if needed. If you will be hiking this summer, pack your hiking boots and be sure to break them in now! Or, if you need cleats for your job, be sure they are broken in this spring as well. Working in the art studio, be sure your sturdy sneakers are okay to take a hit  from some paint.




Screenshot 2019-05-06 10.48.43
cute shoes for leaving camp. These pretty white shoes will not stay white if you wear them while at camp!

Going-out-of-camp shoes. You’ll get out of camp on days and nights off, so you’ll want to put something on your feet that you don’t wear every day while at camp. Trust me; leaving camp shoes are something different than the sturdy every day shoes you wear while at camp. Depending on where you plan to go on your days off, you may want to pack sandals, slip ons, or something rugged if your day off consists of rock climbing and hiking.


Screenshot 2019-05-06 10.38.47
Walmart. $10


Slippers (totally optional). When you get back to your cabin at the end of the day or at rest hour, having a pair of slippers to put on your feet is like a small massage for feet that have been running on fields all day, or hiking up mountains, or swimming in lakes. Reward your feet at the end of the day by slipping into your slippers. Bonus camp tip: wearing slippers in your cabin means that when you get into your bed at night, you don’t bring in all the miscellaneous pebbles that landed on you cabin floor that day. DOUBLE BONUS TIP FOR BUNK COUNSELORS – having the bunk “shoe free” keeps the floor MUCH cleaner with 8-10 campers tramping in and out all day.  Keep your slippers by the front door!


Screenshot 2019-05-06 10.41.34
Bed, Bath, and Beyond. $10.

And, if you really want to be good to you feet, rub some peppermint foot lotion on at the end of the day once you are in bed. After two months of camp terrain, your feet will be happy your paid some attention to them every night!


A Day in the Life of a Camp Nurse

photo credit Iroquois Springs Camp

Let us help you imagine what a typical day as a camp nurse may be like.

You wake up to the sound of birds outside your window and fresh air on your face. You hear the distant giggle of children as they take an early morning swim in the gorgeous lake. In fact, you can see them right out your window – check out that gorgeous lake view with the mountains in the background.

photo credit IHC

Off to the dining hall for a bite to eat. That’s right; no cooking or kitchen clean up for you this summer! Camps now offer healthy and great tasting options in the dining hall, and many offer a buffet bar to suit the tastes of all campers and staff. After visiting with new camp friends and enjoying your morning coffee, you check in at the heath center for your daily shift.

The day begins with medication dispersal to any campers and staff who take daily medications or who are currently taking antibiotics. Gone are the days when nurses had to single-handedly manage all the campers’ medications bottle by bottle. Many camps now use highly organized outside companies to pre-package all the campers daily medications to keep the health center running smoothly and efficiently.

photo credit Camp Towanda

Next duty comes sick call, where you help out the doctor on duty to assess any strep throats, rashes, stomach aches, etc. Many camps keep a doctor on staff and all camps accredited by the American Camp Association operate under standing orders compliant with their state. If you are at a camp without a doctor on duty, you or another nurse are assessing the campers’ illnesses.

staff looking for a job
photo credit Camp Towanda

The health center is a busy place! In between chatting with the campers who come in for assistance, you may find yourself answering the phone or charting. You may have to schedule a doctor’s visit (perhaps an x-ray or something else that cannot usually be handled on camp grounds), or even be the one to drive the camper to the doctor out of camp.

Camp KenMont KenWood

As the day continues, you look at the daily schedule and see you have the afternoon off. What a great time to take advantage of the facilities at camp. You schedule a time to climb on the rock wall and you make it to the top. Congratulations! To cool off, you take out a kayak and enjoy the serenity of the water. You may even see your own children out on the water (yes, most camps allow nurses to bring their own children as campers for free or at steeply reduced rates – be sure to ask).





After dinner (again, in the dining hall. Still no cooking or washing dishes for you this summer! and still awesome and tasty options), you head back to the heath center ready for the second part of your daily shift. You come back re-energized and ready to work.  Campers stop by if they take bed-time meds. This is also the time to give injections like growth hormone shots and to follow up with campers on health issues they had during the day. Again you find yourself charting, assisting, and assessing. You are part of a team; some camps have two nurses and some have as many as nine or ten, depending on the population size of the camp.

Every camp will have its varying degree of nurse responsibilities and scheduling.  However, every camp is looking for a dynamic nurse who can multi-task and be a positive role models for its campers.  Think about your skill set. Are you a team player? Do you enjoy new adventures? Do you like working with kids? Are you looking to learn at your summer job? If yes, then a camp nurse job may be in your near future!

Your next step is to find that summer camp job! Join us for FREE at to find hundreds of summer camp jobs across the country.  With one free, simple application, you can apply to dozens of summer camps and summer camps can search for you!

Prefer to listen to what it’s like to be a camp nurse? Here’s a great interview podcast with a veteran camp nurse explaining the values of working at summer camp.

Camp conference season is coming!

You probably already know that summer camp is a year-round process for your camp directors and full-time support staff. It takes ten full months to make those magical two months happen every summer. But what you may not know is that you can also get involved in the “off-season” starting with on-going training and networking at camp conferences across the country.

The American Camp Association (ACA), the gold standard of the summer camping industry, has a couple of really great offers for first time ACA members and full-time students – these memberships equal huge savings, offer amazing content to prepare you for camp and great opportunities at ACA Camp Conferences.

Free One-Year Membership ACA refers to this as a trial membership and is open to anyone who has never been an ACA member. 

Student membership (full-time students) with ACA is $35. If you’ve used up your free trail year, full-time students (with ID) can join for this highly reduced rate.

We are firm believers in ACA Camp Conferences! In our early years as camp professionals, the sessions, camp industry contacts and vendor relationships were key in our personal development. We had the opportunity to present/speak several times at 3 of the conferences below and chair a programming committee for one. After almost 25 years of conferences, we still learn valuable information each time and make invaluable contacts with others in the camping world.

If you are considering a career or at least a mid to long-term commitment to a camp job, conferences can be a great place to network and sample the different types of camp job opportunities. Don’t forget to include vendors in your networking. Vendors supplying camps also hire “camp people”!

Here’s a Complete list of upcoming ACA Conferences.

ACA 2019 National Conferences

February 19, 2019 to February 22, 2019

Nashville, TN

The National Conference rotates around the country each year to a new location city. Over 900 camps and well over 1,600 camp professionals will attend along with hundreds of vendors. This is the most regionally diverse of the ACA conferences. As the name suggests, camps from around the country attend.

ACA Student Members can attend this conference FREE

ACA, New York New Jersey Tri-State CAMP Conference 2019

March 12, 2019 to March 14, 2019

Atlantic City, NJ

The Tri-State conference is the largest gathering of camp professionals in the world. Over 3,000 camp staff will attend over 160 educational sessions and 300 vendors will be on hand. Like ACA National, this conference draws from across the country however, the northeast and mid-Atlantic states attend in the greatest numbers.

CAMP DIRECTORS – 1st time attending camps rate offered.

ACA, New England Camp Conference 2019

March 28, 2019 to March 30, 2019

Manchester, NH

The New England Camp Conference is one of our favorite conferences.  With a little over 900 attendees, there are plenty of opportunities for networking while still feeling like an intimate gathering of camp folks.

ACA Student members can attend for a deeply discounted rate of $50. This rate is not published on the website because a student ID is required but contact Kerry Salvo at ACA 781-541-6080 or, and she’ll get you started

CAMP DIRECTORS – Early Bird deadline is Feb 15!

ACA Illinois, 2019 Mid States Camp Conference

April 1, 2019 to April 3, 2019

St Charles, IL

Mid States conference will have camps from 22 US state sand Canadian provinces and over 250 camps represented. Included with registration is a free Day Camp pre-conference. A great opportunity for any staff considering a day camp career track.

This is one of the most affordable conferences.  A group of 5 can attend for less than $100 each.

ACA, Spring Leadership Conference 2019

April 9, 2019 to April 12, 2019

Palm Springs, CA

ACA Southern California/Hawaii Leadership Conference is a bit smaller than the other conferences but don’t let that fool you. You’ll find many of the same top presenters and speakers from the larger conferences out here in Palm Springs this year. This conference was once known as strictly regional with Cali and Hawaii (yeah, we know both places seem like horrible places for camp staff – lol) dominating. In recent years however, attending camps have come from as far as New England, as well as throughout the West.

This conference offers special discounted rates for students and retirees.

CAMP DIRECTORS – Early Bird deadline is March 11.

2 Useful Facts if You are Considering Being a Camp Nurse

Thinking about being a camp nurse this summer, but not sure if it will work for you? Here’s two facts about working as a nurse at camp that may help you with your decision. You can also read our blog post on the truth about being a camp nurse if you’d like to find out more about camp nursing.


Fact #1: You may work as a nurse in a state other than the state where you currently hold your license.

Great news for nurses out there considering working at summer camp this year!
If you thought you were bound by the confines of your state boundary, this will come as great news to you. With just a little bit of effort, you can be enjoying your summer working in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado or the beaches of California (or the state of your choice!) while earning an income.

If you are licensed in a nurse licensure compact (NLC) state, you can practice in other NLC states without having to obtain an additional license. To check if your state is a NLC state, check out the easy to read map at

If your state, or the state you wish to work in, is not a NLC state, don’t be dismayed – you may still easily apply for a license of reciprocity in which you are able to become licensed in time to work at summer camp. 

So, how do you go about finding a camp job now that you know all this good information about licensing?

  1. Register at (it’s free!) to gain access to hundreds of summer camp nurse jobs available for this summer. 
  2. Once you find the camp of your dreams, talk to the camp about how best to go about your licensing. If there is payment due, many camps will pick up the cost of this as part of your compensation 

Start now. It may take a few months to get your employment taken care of in addition to any licensing paperwork. 

Fact #2: Many summer camps will hire nurses for part of the summer if you are not able to commit your entire summer to camp.

Ideally, you work at a camp and can make the start date somewhere in early-June and stay all through the summer until the end date, sometime in mid-August. However, if you cannot commit to the full summer because your job at home mandates that you are home, still consider working at camp this summer. Many camps are flexible about the dates for nurses to work and will consider 2-4 week stints for their health care staff. Again, find the camps you are interested in and contact them with your questions in mind. Camps may be willing to work with your schedule!

Questions? Email us at

photo credit Camp Towanda


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How would you like a chance to win this sweet camp mug filled with fun camp stuff? To get everyone in the spirit of summer camp – and to kick off the un-official start of the camp staffing season – CampStaff and CampStaffNurses are giving away a gift packs from our holiday gift ideas lists to our social media followers. All you need to do is complete the 2 Steps below:


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What are you waiting for?  This week’s prizes are below and will be awarded Monday!


Every Monday beginning January 21, 2019 we’ll announce a winner!  Everyone can participate with all of your social accounts – use your camps official feed and your personal to be double entered!  We’ll be giving away fun camp related merchandise all staffing season long!


Camps looking for summer staff? Camps can join and search through thousands of staff applications. We’ve been connecting summer camps and summer camp staff since 1996.  Let CampStaff help you find the perfect summer camp staff.  Looking for nurses? Visit us at
Staff looking for a summer camp job? is a free, single application website connecting staff with thousands of summer camp jobs at hundreds of summer camps across the United States and Canada. 
RN’s, LPN’s, student nurses, and other medical professionals, has summer camp nursing jobs across the United States at some of the most beautiful summer camp locations.  Spend your summer working with great co-workers. Many camps offer the option to bring your family to camp. Apply today for free with a single application at

How We Make Summer Camp Work for Our Family and You Can, Too

Winter break is here – hooray! Schools are out and even college students will be home for a few weeks. We are sure you’ll be busy with parties and presents but its not too soon to be thinking about summer!
Sure, this fall you researched camps for your younger kids and probably even dropped a few hints that the older (college) ones could really get a lot out of a summer job at camp. But have you considered a real FAMILY summer at camp? 
Well, our family does a version of this.  We’ll share with you…
CampStaff is our year round job but summer camp itself is what we live for. Each summer, Lynn and our three daughters head up to the White Mountains for a full summer at camp. Lynn is a Junior Camp Area Director responsible for around 70 kids at a time and 30 or so staff. From home, Bunkie keeps CampStaff operating and runs our camp consulting business.  He spends about 10 days at camp each summer, trading-off whatever odd jobs a former camp director is capable of handling for unlimited chicken patty sandwiches and all you can drink camp coffee.
In all seriousness, camp is a huge part of our child rearing plan. We live in a rural community and enjoy the many benefits of that lifestyle. The camp we choose for our kids, exposes them to campers from the major cities and suburbs of the northeast and with staff from around the globe. Our kids have had playdates on Park Avenue, have taken camp friends to harvest sugar cane and had high tea with counselors in London, among hundreds of other experiences. Camp has really opened up amazing opportunities for our family.
We made our camp choice with purpose
The individual and family success we’ve had at camp did not happen by chance. We carefully selected the right camp for our family before committing to work there. We knew we wanted a beautiful New England location, with a strong outdoor program and “nice” kids – luckily the camp we started at before becoming camp professionals, fit the bill and was in need of senior staff. When choosing a camp for your family, be sure the summer camp meets all your criteria up front. There are hundreds of options out there, there is no reason to try to shoe horn yourself into a not perfect fit. CampStaff or other summer camp job sites can help you match your needs with those of summer camps.
Meet the camp directors and camp alumni
We mentioned the camp we choose was one we had a history with so we knew the directors well and still had relationships with former campers and staff. For you choosing a camp from scratch, start with the camps website. Does it convey the values you are looking for? Next check out the camp’s social media feeds. (You can find the links on the camp’s website.) See what the camp chooses to share and what type of comments campers, parents and alumni leave. If you want to really stalk the camp (our kids’ term!), check out who follows the camp and what they post. You can get a strong sense of a camp’s values by seeing their community. Reach out to the directors personally.  Assuming the camp has listed a job opening in your skill set (like on, set up a personal call with the directors. The directors may actually appreciate this since a huge part of their job is making sure campers are good fit with their camp.  Taking the initiative shows you understand a great camp is more than random luck. Ask all the questions you would ask if you were paying to send you kids to camp and would not be there all summer.
Balancing family life
The biggest challenge for a staff member with kids at camp is allowing the separation that makes camp work so greta for kids. A great camp will walk you through this process and have guidelines in place to help you deal with the separation (aka camp sickness). A few tips we’ve picked up; even if your whole family is at camp, everyone still likes getting mail and mail call. Write letters, even if you see each other a few minutes every day. Schedule phone calls with someone. Campers love phone call times and depending on the camp’s policies, it may even be a scheduled activity. Make sure your kid has someone to call – grandparents love to fill this role! Visiting day can be challenging because as staff, you will have responsibilities. Again, a grandparent visit might fit the bill. Or ask the camp (again the best camps will have a plan already) to block out a little time for you and your kids.
Make camp last all year
The best part of our family participating in camp together is shared experiences and shared friendships. We love sharing social media posts from camp people who we all know. When we travel, camp always has a connection either from someone in that area or a camp story. Camp really can be a huge part of your life if you want it to be!
Looking for Summer Camp Staff? Camps can join and search through thousands of staff applications. We’ve been connecting summer camps and summer camp staff since 1996.  Let CampStaff help you find the perfect summer camp staff.  Looking for nurses? Visit us at
Looking for a summer camp job? is a free, single application website connecting staff with thousands of summer camp jobs at hundreds of summer camps across the United States and Canada. 
RN’s, LPN’s, student nurses, and other medical professionals, has summer camp nursing jobs across the United States at some of the most beautiful summer camp locations.  Spend your summer working with great co-workers. Many camps offer the option to bring your family to camp. Apply today for free with a single application at