Adventure and Travel in the Summer

Adventure.  Travel.  Community Service.  Campers.  Could all four of these ever be a part of one job?  Yes!  This is exactly what Zeal Adventure and Travel offers campers and trip leaders!  Last summer I spent two weeks on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, leading teenagers from around the world on a summer camp experience focused on adventure, travel, and service.  Our days included beach time, hiking along mountain ridgelines, volunteering with local conservation efforts (including Monk Seals and Hawaiian Sea Turtles!), and taking a two-hour zip-line tour, among other activities.  Many people have asked me – “Why work for a teen tour instead of summer camp?”  My answer is simple: When the energy of teenagers is channeled in a positive direction, especially through service, I believe teenagers have the power to have a positive and lasting impact on the world.  For both trip leaders and campers, our minds and hearts are opened to new experiences and world views, simply by traveling, serving, adventuring, and learning.  I have seen many campers’ lives changed through participation in service activities.  Additionally, the organizations and people whom we serve are positively impacted.  Traveling with teenagers as they adventure and serve is an amazing honor I am incredibly grateful to have been given.

-Naomi M.

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How Far We’ve Come…

It was 1996, and it was the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college. I was working at a restaurant in Boston called ‘MIracle of Science” (it was just outside of MIT). I hated my job after a few weeks and wanted to be outside, and decided to look for a new job. At the time, looking for a new job meant scouring the paper, not the internet. There was an ad in the Boston Globe for a lacrosse counselor at a co-ed camp in New Hampshire. I was a lacrosse player at the time and thought the job sounded perfect. I called the number, but the position had been filled. I kept that little scrap of paper from the Boston Globe and called the number again in the winter. I set up an interview and landed myself a job for summer 1997.

Little did I know that at the exact same time I was searching the papers for a summer job, the staffing director at the same camp was working on a new concept called CampStaff. The company would create a place on-line for people to find jobs; a brand new idea.

Even less did I know that I would meet this staffing director at camp that following summer, and marry him 5 years later (see photo for reference of youth).

Even less than that did I know that 20 years later I would be the one answering your CampStaff inquiries and talking to you about how to get a job at camp.

Lucky for all of us, we don’t have to scour the papers anymore for a job. Lucky for us that CampStaff has a new website to make your job search easy. And lucky for all of us, camp holds a special place in our hearts.

Camp Counselor: An Internship Like No Other

Summer camp jobs offer a unique experience for college aged adults studying any major. Working with children at camp exposes young adults to solving unpredictable problems, becoming positive role models and working under pressure. There is no doubt that working at camp will be one of the hardest but most rewarding (and FUN!) summers of your life. You will meet like-minded individuals who may not have the same end-goals as you but  see the same professional value that the summer camp experience has to offer.

The P21 (Partnership for 21st Century Learning) Framework Studies has indicated that companies and corporations now seek the following skills to differentiate between potential candidates and there is no better place to practice these skills than in a fast paced, dynamic, environment like a summer camp. Develop your skills in Collaboration and Teamwork, Creativity and Imagination, Critical thinking and Problem Solving in a fun, exciting atmosphere while having an impact on future generations.

Flash forward to your future interviews, your summer camp experience will give you so many examples to use to portray your skills and differentiate yourself from other applicants!


CampStaff has a new website!

Exciting things are happening over at CampStaff!

Exciting things are happening over at CampStaff. We have a new logo, a new staff member has joined the ranks and soon we will have a brand spanking new website. With our new website we endeavor to create a quick, simple and efficient database of prospective camp staff for the industry’s best camps to search through.

For Seekers:

CampStaff creates a free opportunity to contact some of the best camps located all over the country. Camps from Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, California and states across the country use CampStaff to fill their seasonal positions of camp counselors, program specialists and leadership positions and they’re looking for people just like YOU!

For Camps:

For a small annual fee, you unlock our searchable database of prospective staff members who want to work at your camp! Applicants can directly send you their information through the site if they come across your camp before you find them or you can use our newly designed search functionality to find specific staff with specific skills and expertise (you can also save a search for later!)