Have Your Best Summer NOW!

Photo Credit Camp Starlight, PA

Look, there are many great resources on how summer camp builds 21st century job skills  and how summer camp jobs are great on resumes and if that’s what you are looking for then you are already way ahead of the game and have probably found the ideal summer camp job.  For the rest of you – the ones living in the NOW – this blog post is for you!

Spend a summer doing the things you love NOW, and get paid to to do them

  • Do your favorite sport, activity, hobby, etc.
  • Travel and explore new areas
  • Have new experiences with new people

The best part is that this won’t end at the close of summer!

1. Your favorite sports, activities, hobbies

Is your passion lacrosse?  Is it woodworking? Canoeing? Art? Climbing? These are the things you are into now. Some of them (like lax) will probably come to an end soon or at least, get seriously downgraded when you hit the “real world” job market. So, why not do them NOW? 

In the very near future (like as soon as you leave college), it will either be hard to get together enough people and gear to play large team sports or start getting pricey to pursue your favorite hobbies. Camps not only provide everything you need to do the activities you love now, but they will also PAY you top do them!

2. Travel

One of the most underrated reasons to spend a summer working at camp is travel. Sure, you understand the obvious – camps are scattered across the whole country so you can pick which area you’d like to see and which attractions you want to be near enough to visit on days off and camp sponsored trips.

But, did you ever consider who else has traveled to work with you at camp? A typical camp staff of 100-200 staff will usually represent a few dozen US states, a hand full of Canadian provinces and at least half a dozen countries.  Think about it…all of these staff did something you did, traveled to a new area for a summer job. NOW, think about all the different places they are from and all the new people to visit there. Your one summer travel destination has grown into an exponential number of lifetime places to travel!

3. New experiences

Have you been itching to try sailing? How about really wanting to learn to throw a pot on a potter’s wheel? If there is something you’ve been wanting to experience and your summer camp offers it then try it NOW! Staff recreation (aka morale boosters) is a big part of most camp’s philosophies and giving staff a chance to try new experiences is a big part of that.

So how many different experiences do summer camps offer? This is a little bit of a trick question. Sure camps will list a plethora of activities on their website but this is really just a starting point for the great summer camps. Those camps will also incorporate the skills and interests of incoming staff into each summer’s program – expanding the program experiences even more! 

See CampStaff, CampStaffNurses and CampStaffExpress for the latest summer camp job openings.