Social Media Profile Tips When Applying for a Camp Job

CampStaff recently heard some great tips from Michelle Cummings, owner of Training Wheels. Michelle and her team are dedicated to building high-performance teams, and often work with camps across the country.  Michelle has a few tips she wants to share with future Camp Staff to help them land the perfect camp job.


I recently posted a job opening on Linked In for an Office Manager position for Training Wheels. I had several applications come in and found a great person! 

I did have to giggle at a few of the applications that came in and the subsequent interactions with a few of the applicants. It got me thinking about how we present ourselves on social media.  

Here are a few tips if you are applying for a job at camp.  All of these tips come as a result of recent interactions with applicants.  

  1. Do not use a selfie as your profile pic. Working at camp is a job, not a snapchat share with your friends. You should especially not use a selfie of yourself in the bathroom.  In the digital age, your picture is your first impression. Most times employers see your photo before you get the chance to meet them in person, so it is important to put some thought into it’s selection. 
  2. Please know that your potential employer will Facebook stalk you. Either lock down your security controls or make sure that your posts are presentable to your potential employer.  If you are in a relationship with someone called SirSkillet I may question your decision making skills.  (I say this in gest, but I’m kinda serious, too!)
  3. When you leave a phone number for me to call you, make sure your voicemail does not start with, “Yo, Whassup.”  Leave a professional greeting that would not deter me from leaving a message.
  4. If you want a job interview, you should return my call.
  5. If you have videos/presentations/publications that qualify your expertise, share them! Previous work you have done helps to validate your skills and showcase your abilities. 
  6. Once you are in contact with a camp and you fill out their application, update your profile with recommendations and referrals.  These are key!

Yours truly,
Your Potential employer


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