Looking for a Leadership Position at Camp?

Now is the time to contact camps about your role for summer 2019!

Summer camps are a full time business. We all show up to work at camp in June and it seems like things are just as we left them last August. Behind the scenes, camp directors and their full time staff have been working away for 10 months preparing for the summer months. One of the biggest tasks they accomplish, of course, is hiring the best staff for camp. Right now, in mid-September, summer camps are already in full hiring swing for for next summer.  I know this because I can see camps searching CampStaff every single day already looking to fill their staffs for next summer (and I was a full-time summer camp director for 10 years so I know how important it is to fill key position in the fall!) Camps would love to hear from you.

If you are returning to work at your summer camp from summer 2018 and are interested in filling a leadership role, now is the time to reach out to the camp office and let them know why they should consider you for a leadership role. Email your camp director and schedule a time the two of you can talk on the phone. By setting up an appointment ahead of time, you’ll convey to your director that you are serious about your position next summer. You’ll also be ensuring that your director is ready for your call and has had time to think about possible positions for you before the call.

Or maybe you already know that the position you want is filled by a long-time camp staffer and there is no other position you’d consider, consider looking to switch camps and try something new!  (But first, as a courtesy to your current camp, let the directors know your plans – they may surprise you with a job offer you’d never thought of!).

Before you start searching CampStaff‘s summer camp database and sending your application around to camps that you are interested (maybe a summer camp in great area of the country you’d like to spend the summer exploring or maybe at a summer camp specializing in your favorite sport or activity), update your CampStaff profile and be sure to include the following in that nice little section where you can write something about yourself:

  • Years of experience at camps
  • Roles you have had at camps
  • What leadership role you seek and why you would be good at it
  • Certifications

This is the time of year to find your position at camp

More positions are available today than next month, or the month after, and so forth. Take advantage of being an early bird and secure your job for summer 2019 now. As time moves forward, camps will begin to fill their open slots and your options will grow smaller. 

Now go find that position at camp!  And while you are at it, convince a friend to get a camp job with you!!

Looking for an amazing summer job?

Visit www.campstaff.com and find hundreds of summer camps looking for amazing staff! Create a profile for FREE and find the perfect job for you.

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