Reach Out to Potential Staff More Than Once

As we’ve done every day this week, we are providing our members of CampStaff/CampStaff Nurses with tips on how to best make use of our websites. Thousands of staff come through CampStaff/CampStaffNurses every year and we want to be sure you are doing everything you can to hire as many possible staff from this one source.

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 11.24.47 AM.png

We are all bombarded with emails every day; the majority of which don’t get opened. So if you only send one email to a staff member, chances are that they will not respond. Now, while we don’t want you to overload the amount of emails you are sending, you can get creative in how you are reaching potential staff. If staff provide you with other forms of contact, feel free to contact them through these methods. These include texting and using their social media to reach them. What has worked out really well for many camps is to first send an email and then follow up with a text letting them know to check their email as you just sent them a message. Be exciting and descriptive in that message so they will want to open up their email from you!

Give the subject of your message a direction such as “open this message to find your summer internship”. If you give a direction to the recipient, you are increasing their chances of following the direction rather than hitting ‘delete’.
We wrote a blog post on when to best reach college aged students titled My 5 Hypothesis after Spending Time on a College Campus. The post includes not only days of the week but times that work best, too. It’s all based on numbers; the days and times we see people on CampStaff most looking for jobs. (hint; don’t expect too much response on Fridays and Saturdays from college aged kids. You are better off waiting until the beginning of a new week. However, if you are seeking a nurse on CampStaffNurses, the weekends are great times to reach out!).

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